Anonymous Marketing Automation


SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform, thanks to its innovative solutions, allows you to automate, segment and personalize communication with anonymous persons whose contact details are not available for you. Anonymous users can receive personalized content via emails, WWW and RTB pages. With SALESmanago you can reach a much larger group of users with your tailored content that they are likely to find of interest.

Available features

  • e-Mail Marketing to external databases – SALESmanago Marketing Automation tools enable you to send content adjusted to best match the reactions of your potential prospects who have received your mailing exported to external databases. You can instruct the operator of the mailing campaign as to which anonymous users should be sent a particular email matching their behaviour.
  • Website – using the module for real-time behavioural tracking and archiving collected data you can automatically tailor the content of virtually any element of a web page to the current visit of an anonymous visitor or to any previously archived visits. This is how the contact forms, product frames or any other elements of the website will display content matching behavioural profiles of the anonymous visitors you wish to address.
  • Advertising networks (RTB) – SALESmanago allows you to automatically switch on and off advertising content in an RTB network by sending personalized messages tailored to the current behaviour of visitors to a given website. In this way you can publish ads that will behaviourally match the interests of particular visitors. You will also be able to reach those users who have visited your website only once in order to try to encourage them to revisit and later convert them in a much more effective way.
  • Web push notifications – this is an interesting way of giving information on products and services to website visitors. Thanks to the Web Push feature available in SALESmanago you can send messages to anonymous contacts who agreed to receive notifications but left no contact information. It is the perfect solution – by using various marketing actions – you can get anonymous contacts to leave their contact data on the website or a specially designed landing page.

Effects of use

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  • Much higher anonymous user conversion rates, resulting in more anonymous visitors being converted into real leads
  • Possibility of reaching particular persons with personalized messages on virtually any website
  • Optimization of your campaign in advertising networks through matching the content and the display time with the needs of particular persons
  • An easy way to send an unlimited number of web push notifications to anonymous contacts


RTB advertising


Integration of SALESmanago Marketing Automation with adkontekst system, specializing in RTB advertising campaign, helps to start and stop the advertising campaings for specific users basing on data collected by SALESmanago and automation rules.

It becomes possibile to direct personalized and matching adverts to specific client profile. Adjusting can be carried out on the basis of visits on the website and transactions made by the visitor.

Conecting Marketing Automation with RTB helps to reach people that have visited the website only once or completely stopped reacting to another announcements. Additionaly, the costs of advertising campaign become optimized.