SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


AdRemarketing by Google Doubleclick

AdRemarketing by Google DoubleClick module is a tool that enables for targeting 1-1 ads display, matched to the needs of each single user in RTB ad network. It means, that every user will see just one specially prepared single message.

Thanks to AdRemarketing module we can easily target display ads with last viewed products, items left in abandoned shopping cart or similar to those purchased or based on any kind of transactional or sales data (eg. the position of the customer in the sales funnel).

Google DoubleClick

It is a platform for managing the browser and the producer of the biggest ad-server by Google which helps agencies and marketers in effective ad campaigns management in browsers all over the world.

Google DoubleClick’s biggest asset is the possibility to target video ads and banners on websites as well as tracking users who browse the web.

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Digital Body Language and the power of personalization

SALESmanago Marketing Automation software enables for analysis of behaviors of website visitors (Digital Body Language) and hence creates behavioral profiles with transactional data of all, both identified and anonymous, users.

Thanks to data gathered on every potential and existing client in SALESmanago CDP, and later linking his profile with HSM Audience system ID number, you can fully personalize the message in all communication channels by providing certain offers to the right people in the right time.

How does Google DoubleClick AdRemarketing tool work:

  • The user enters the website and views one product – sports footwear by brand “A”
  • After 10 minutes of viewing other products, the user leaves the website without performing any purchasing activities
  • After 2 days the user is viewing another website and sees an ad on DoubleClick dashboard showing sports footwear by brand “A”

In the same scenario, there’s an option to recommend a product similar to the one viewed by the user, which is currently on sale, or the premium version of the same product, therefore to increase shopping cart total value.

By personalizing the message, SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform uses such variables, as:

  • LTV (client’s long-term value)
  • Purchase frequency
  • Product lifecycle
  • Sales funnel stage

Additionally, for eCommerce businesses and those in possession of information on products and services included in the XML files, the dynamic remarketing module enables for automatic products recommendation or recovering abandoned carts for online stores.

The recommendation system is based on collected information, interests and customers’ preferences, in order to display a totally personalized advertisement only for this particular user, in the best-possible moment to make the purchase decision.

New possibilities of targeting dynamic ads in Google DoubleClick:

  • Displaying products recommendations based on users’ behavioral and transactional data
  • Showing already recommended products in email messages and other communication channels
  • Displaying products matched to item last purchased
  • Showing products compliant with client’s life value (LTV)
  • Automatic stop of the campaign for users who already made a purchase
  • Online ads matched to users’ offline activity
  • Reminders about products left in the online store shopping cart

Collaboration of SALESmanago and Google DoubleClick allows for better-than-ever understanding of customers’ needs and more effective communication.

Dynamic remarketing dynamiczny enables for enhancing sales revenues and developing win-back strategies by encouraging people to come back to the store and make a purchase.

Benefits from using hypertargeted ads:

  • Optimization of ad campaigns costs
  • Full personalization of communication with a given user in the ads channel
  • Increasing website traffic and conversion rate
  • New method of stimulating customers to activity
  • Automatic start and stop of display ads for users who lately purchased a monthly-subscription (or were periodic buyers) and getting back to such person before the contract or service ends up

Dynamic remarketing, thanks to integration with HSM Audience, becomes one of the best and relatively simple-to-implement tool that creates a new dimension of ads targeting.

From now on, customers have the possibility to use a brand new channel to deliver dynamically-matched and personalized content, as an alternative and supplement for traditional communication channels.