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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


Finance and banking


Banks and financial institutions gather unique knowledge about their customers. It helps them tailor better credit offers and support call centers. SALESmanago Marketing Automation software is succesfully used by lead polish banks like Getin Bank or Noble Bank.

Examples of use

Supporting call centres:

  • Call centre module providing telemarketers with real-time information about the lead (Real Time Tracking module)
  • Email alerts to customer service staff, including alerts with contact details attached, which facilitates the communication process
  • Providing telemarketing staff with suggestions on loans discussing methods
  • Intelligent contact forms linked with the Call Centre
  • LiveChat integration
  • Pop-up inviting to chat with a consultant
  • Credit recommendation system – based on information entered into credit and instalment calculators and configurators
  • Customer support: inactive client or a client not using the system
  • Communication via mobile channels (SMS, Mobile Apps)
  • Email accounts in proxy mode – monitoring outbound contacts of one’s own mailbox

Integration with transaction processing systems and CRM systems:

  • Synchronisation of transactional and behavioural data between SALESmanago and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in use
  • Parallel removal of opt-out contacts from client databases
  • Contacts entered by the CRM staff automatically added to SALESmanago
  • Information on the lead’s interest in an offer on a website transferred to the CRM system
  • Contact segmentation in SALESmanago based on the data coming from the CRM system
  • Monitoring of current sales and marketing staff performance

RTB ads adapted to the life cycle:

  • Ads reminding about a loan offer
  • Ads encouraging to contact a consultant displayed for customers who have not agreed to receive emails as a form of marketing
  • Ads selling additional services to customers
  • Reminders about payment or topping up
  • Advertisement tailored to the purchase campaign stage

Email campaigns:

  • Newsletter campaigns targeting customer segments already using the services of a particular institution
  • Email campaigns tailored to individual trends
  • Classic newsletters tracking user behaviour after accessing the website

Lead Nurturing:

  • Email campaigns educating the customer about the services and the offer
  • Campaigns converting demo services into paid products
  • Dynamic and personalised website content (contact forms and content)