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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST


B2C and Retail


Marketing Automation for B2C allows personalized and automated communication with particular customers using their profiles developed on the basis of their previous transactions as well as behavioural data. In the next step, the solution enables you to reach your customers with fine-tuned messages and sales activities.

Possibilities offered by SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform are used by companies representing the full scope of products and services provided for individual customers. The Marketing Automation system is used by hotel and tourism businesses as well as consultancies and training course providers, car dealers, banks, insurance companies and legal consultancies.

Using the wide scope of possibilities offered by behavioural analysis and automated communication, companies from B2C sector can recognize their contacts’ interests and accordingly fine-tune the content of emails and the moment these should be sent as well as the look of the website and the ads published in RTB network.

How can you use SALESmanago for B2C?

Automated mailing campaigns

  • Lead Nurturing messages making the lead ready to purchase
  • Series of Welcome Messages sent after signing up for the newsletter
  • Periodic messages
  • Birthday emails with special offers
  • Segmented newsletters sent automatically after the system has detected interest in a particular product category 

Dynamic emails:

  • Emails with suggestions of products viewed by the lead during the last visit
  • Emails fine-tuned according to the entire history of the lead’s visits
  • Emails suggesting products similar to those viewed by the lead

Campaigns tailored to lifecycles:

  • Offerings tailored to seasonal trends
  • Tailored offerings sent in the period when the contact made a related purchase in the previous year
  • Automated repeated sale of products expected to run out or expire over a specific period of time

Dynamic recommendations on website:

  • Supplementary sale of products on the website tailored to the contact’s searches
  • Recommendation modules based on automated analysis of contact visits
  • Dynamic recommendation pop-ups shown to hesitant visitors

Call center support:

  • Call center module providing telemarketers with real-time contact information
  • Email alerts sent to the customer service staff
  • Reports on contact behaviour/email marketing activities