Do you love your customers enough to win their loyalty? CUPID will tell you!

Hosted by Aleksander Skalka, Solution Engineering Manager at SALESmanago
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Watch our webinar and learn:

checkthis The idea behind loving customers

checkthis Why is it extremely important

checkthis How can you know, if your company cares for its customers enough

checkthis How can you improve and engage your customers better

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Why should you consider this opportunity?

You focus on providing the most compelling customer experience to elicit more customer engagement with your brand. But do you know how wide and far this experience goes? Are there any areas where your customers may feel abandoned and their needs ignored? Despite all your efforts, this may be the case, because your company may not use all the chances to provide an experience as great as you may imagine. To enable you to assess customer’s experience with your brand, we created CUPID Score, which we’ll explain in detail in this webinar. Attending it will provide you with information:

- on different categories of customer experience
- on how to use CUPID Score
- on how to benefit from your company’s score to improve the experience and engagement of your customers.

Neglecting customer experience is especially dangerous in a highly competitive environment eCommerce have always been, and which is even more apparent in the face of loyalty recession and changing customers behavior eCommerce experiences in 2023.

We hear you

We hear you


Aleksander Skalka, Solution Engineering Manager at SALESmanago

He has been leading the implementation of marketing automation strategies for over 10 years now. He worked as Marketing Automation Consulting Director, being responsible for the Customer Success Department and the implementation of SALESmanago for the key customers. He gained and used his experience working with companies such as Orange, Idea Bank, 4Finance, New Balance, Yves Rocher, Oriflame, and many more. He manages Marketing Automation Academy that has certified over 1000 marketing automation specialists across Europe. Currently, he helps to introduce marketing automation strategies for the biggest e-commerce and B2C enterprises.