SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

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Discover the success story of Tognana Porcellane SPA

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High Performer Award - Enterprise High Performer Award - MidMarket Users Love Us Leader Leader Europe


350% better click-through rate on emails sent through Workflow


36% of the contact database was acquired through SALESmanago forms

SM is all-in one software with a full features range. This makes it very easy to integrate actions and data across all segments and allows you to do advanced customization actions

Luca Peron

E-commerce Manager

Salesmanago is an extremely complex solution that has allowed us to integrate with the e-shop in depth, creating a personalized experience for each user segment. The approach was to centralize all information relating to customers and followers in a single tool, thus also supporting customer service with a complete and detailed overview of its activities and preferences.

Marinella Dalla Colletta, Cricket ADV
Ilenia Boschin, MADAM agency

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The beginning of Tognana’s family industrial activity dates back to 1775, in the brick industry sector. The current ceramic ware company was established in 1946, moving in a short time from majolica to porcelain, manufactured using traditional firing, sinterization and vitrification methods. The company quickly became one of the major domestic producers of high quality porcelain dishes and its reputation improved further with the merger with New Fontebasso S.p.A. in 1989.

A partnership with the Morosi Family began in 1998, culminating in the purchase of the whole property in 2000 and relaunching of the brand. Today the Tognana brand has become the undisputable market leader in the manufacture of ceramic ware.

By relaunching this prestigious brand the Tognana group achieves international fame and offers a range of top-performing and top-quality products to increasingly more demanding and knowledgeable consumers. Ceramic ware with elegant shapes and decorations in a classic style in which handicraft tradition meets innovation, connected to both technological research and distribution logics.

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improve the overall Italian online shop Conversion Rate (OR, CTR)

increase recursive purchases by loyalty users (active newsletter subscribers)

propose products based on customer preferences and profiling

better understand and segmentation of the online audience

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Mass mailings

Mass and regular, and above all personalised dispatch of newsletters, thanks to which open and click rates remain at a decent level.

Customer Segmentation Center

This module allows to create segments with the help of the filters. Later there’s a possibility to use those segments in sending mass mailings, managing contacts etc.

Pop-ups, Forms, Landing page, Sidebars

With the help of these elements we are able to increase our contact base on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the use of the double opt in option, we can be sure that the contacts in our database are actually interested in receiving marketing information from us.

Recommendation frames

Frames help in cross-selling and up-selling. Thanks to them, we can show our contacts the products that have been viewed recently, are most often bought or the products that were bought by the contact.

Social Proof widget

This small but very useful widget has boosted our sales statistics in a very simple and quick way. It informs how many people are currently viewing the selected product and added it to the cart.

Periodic Emails

The SALESmanago system is capable of sending the cycles of emails to a defined contact group. It gives a possibility to reach contacts with the periodic campaigns.

Birthday Emails

SALESmanago facilitates planning and sending birthday emails in accordance with the date of birth supplied in the contact card. This functionality allows to send a special discount coupon to a particular contact 7 and 0 days before the actual birthday date, to be used on that special day.

Personalized banners

Personalized banners allow to tailor a website to a specific user’s interests. This content can be adjusted by the segmentation tool or the stage of the funnel where the contact belongs. The content can also be adjusted to the automation rules tool.

Correct quality of contacts database

SALESmanago facilitates work on contact database, thanks to which it is easy to analyze and manage available contacts. This is important because correctly maintained hygiene of the database contributes to improved deliverability of mailings.

Email after a visit with recently viewed products

With this option we are able to send emails to contacts with products they have recently viewed and thus encourage them to be interested in them again.

Email with abandoned shopping cart

External events concerning sending information about adding products to the basket by the customer are sent to the system. With these we can set up a special Automation Rule which, by analysing the activity of the contact and not noting the purchase made by the contact, is able to send information about the abandoned cart to the contact and thus encourage them to reconsider the purchase.

Automation of processes with help of Automation Rules and Workflows

Automation processes lets automate communication with customers in various channels. It is a way of accelerating sales processes, providing sales people with leads who are ready to make a purchase and reacting individually on the contact’s behaviour on the website.Also it is a great tool that allows to segment contacts.

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18% of all transactions originated through the use of newsletters,


159% higher open rate of emails sent through Workflow,


97% of all contacts agreed to receive marketing content by email,


15% of transactions supported by SALESmanago were submitted using Recommendation Frames,


36% of the contact database was acquired through SALESmanago forms,


350% better click-through rate on emails sent through Workflow,


70% of all contacts are monitored contacts.

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Future Development

using live chat to communicate with the customer

creating lead nurturing campaigns

start sending text messages (for example sms) using mobile marketing module

300 employees support 3000+ midsize and enterprise customers worldwide