SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

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increase in dynamic mail OR after the visit in comparison to the newsletter


increase in dynamic mail CTR after the visit in comparison to the newsletter

We found in SALESmanago a reliable partner able to answer all the exigencies of marketing automation and of analysis of contacts. Thanks to powerful instruments as predictive analysis and thanks to RFM segmentation, all our strategies are supported by real data which are easily found. All the platform is planned in order to be easily used and even the most difficult operations have no problem because the devoted account manager always gives perfect support.

Rosario Delli Bovi

e-Commerce Manager

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Semprefarmacia is a broadly trusted internet pharmacy. The company provides a wide variety of pharmaceutical products for years now. The quality of the company’s service built long-lasting relationships with many loyal clients.

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retaining loyalty towards the brand

building long-lasting relationships with the clients

maximizing e-mail marketing results

implementing the advanced scenarios of product recommendations performed by AI, fitting the company’s offer

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Client database development

Implementation of the two-step newsletter sign-in form provides the company with a more coherent development of the client database. It also allows gathering detailed data on more engaged, valuable clients. In the first step, we only ask for an e-mail address. In second, the clients may give us all the useful details, if they so desire. The solution shortens the conversion path and enables the acquisition of more declarative client data.

Anonymous traffic conversion

The social proof solution enables us to put some healthy pressure on the anonymous site visitors. The module displays in real-time the number of visitors currently watching the product our client is interested in. This boosts the attractiveness of the offer and supports active sales.

Advanced behavioral and transactional segmentation

Implementation of the segmentation module significantly increased e-mail campaign results. The precise choice of the target groups enables the delivery of personalized offers in the perfect moment.

Dynamic, AI Copernicus-based, recommendation frames

Implementation of the real-time product recommendation to the site broadened the campaign range. The intelligent product recommendation, driven by the AI Copernicus, was implemented in the recommendation frames form.

Retaining client’s interest in the watched products

Implementing the after-the-visit message helps to retain the client’s interest in the product. The personalized e-mail contains the list of recently watched products. Moreover, it contains the preference-based recommendations, chosen by the system.

Next, the intelligent workflow monitors the clients’ activity. If an e-mail was not open in 24 hours period, the system sends the message again, under a new topic, in order to maximize OR.

The two-step process of saving the abandoned cart

The saving process is driven by the recommendation system. The module is alerted when the cart is being abandoned. In this instance, it sends the client an e-mail, containing the list of the abandoned products. It also contains the recommendations frame, with content matched by the AI on the transaction data basis.

The system also monitors the clients’ reactions. If the transaction is still not finished in a given time, the client receives another message, this time containing a discount coupon. The two-step model effectively delivers motivation in a crucial moment of the decision process.

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increase in dynamic mail OR after the visit in comparison to the newsletter


increase in dynamic mail OR after the cart abandonment in comparison to the newsletter


increase in dynamic mail CTR after the visit in comparison to the newsletter


increase in dynamic mail CTR after the cart abandonment in comparison to the newsletter

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Development opportunities

Implementation of an automatic email, sent for educational purposes, aswell as to increase the offer awareness and the interest in the products

Implementation of the win-back campaign in order to reactivate the clients that recently lost interest in the brand

Implementation of the automatic messages, sent when the product the client has bought was most probably used. The campaign dedicated to the FMCG products delivers the client an offer right when it is needed

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