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11 754%

11 754% ROI for Marketing
Automation implementation


transactions supported
by SALESmanago account
for over 45%

Content personalization and advanced audience segmentation are something that our e-mail marketing has been missing so far. Today we know, that thanks to SALESmanago, we can conduct efficient and effective mailing and implement effective solutions that help us build strong relationships with customers by directing them to a tailored offer in a sensitive industry, which is online jewelry sales.

Radosław Gołębski

Member of the Board

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Over the last 5 years, SAVICKI has built the position of the eCommerce leader in the Wedding & Engagement segment in Poland, and today it also offers its products on six foreign markets - in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. The SAVICKI brand also means over 45 years of family jewelry tradition. Since 1976, we accompany our clients in the most important moments of their lives - celebrating love confessions and wedding vows together.

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Activation and segmentation of customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey

The need to adapt the offer
and the method of communication individually for each client

Conducting omnichannel communication that is attractive to the recipient (e-mail, webpush, text messages, website messages), allowing for the delivery of a personalized offer at the optimal time

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11 754%

11 754% ROI for Marketing
Automation implementation


41% of last-click supported transactions were generated by automatic campaigns matched 1-to-1 with user activity


Transactions supported
by SALESmanago
account for over 45%


622% higher click rate and 206% higher open rate for dynamic emails with 1-to-1 recommendations compared to mass emails


An increase in the contact base
by 23% per annum