SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

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ROI for Marketing Automation implementation


OR of messages with workflow 50.4% higher in relation to mass emails

The SALESmanago system definitely helped to improve marketing processes in our company. It is intuitive to use, very comprehensive, and transparent. We also appreciate the customer service and introduction to the system very well. 11/10!

Beniamin Janik

Social Media Manager

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About Company

“Our story begins in 2010 - it is then, that a chance encounter and a nascent fascination with classic men’s fashion led us to establish (initially at home) the manufacture, sewing very niche products. Today, more than 10 years later, we are looking back in disbelief - how fast did it go! :) We were watching all this time a sharp increase in interest in classic male elegance, which - although still a niche - entered the salons and helped us spread our wings. In Poland, in Europe, and all over the world - together with the trend, we grow in strength, proudly emphasizing the slogan “Poszetka Worldwide”. Nevertheless, we are not ashamed that we started with hand-sewing pocket squares at home, with just one person’s hands - but we would also like to emphasize that while still maintaining the family character, we have grown many times over!

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a shop with elegant men’s and women’s
clothing, accessories, and haberdashery.

Action line:

- mechanisms related to:

  • Tagging contacts based on the sources of acquisition (by category),
  • Tagging contacts based on purchased products,
  • Tagging contacts based on the categories viewed,
- lead nurturing (education) of new customers - email campaigns preparing customers to purchase,
- newsletters - maintaining continuity in communication with the customers; discount for customers after subscribing to the newsletter,
- emails with an abandoned shopping cart
- dynamic emails after the customer’s visit to the website,
- website personalization
-live chat implementation to ensure continuity of communication with the customers and acquiring new leads.
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E-mail marketing

Bulk messaging includes 1 to 2 releases per week and is targeted at specific target groups, including division into Polish and English-speaking customers. Mailing informing about new products and current promotions.


Workflow, name: “discount abandoned cart”.

Description: If there is a purchase in the last 6 hours, a tag is added for the contact, ifthere was no purchase, the email is sent after the abandoned cart. In the next step, ifthe contact does not have the tag abandoned_koszyk_rabat and will abandon the cart again, an email with a discount code is sent. Then the contact is properly tagged and the workflow ends.

Currently working on two new workflow campaigns:
• cross selling after purchase
• onboarding for new contacts

Web Push:

Two active consent forms, one for Polish-speaking customers, the other for English-speaking ones.
CTR 7.41%

On site:

Lead Generation

Pop-ups with a discount code encouraging you to subscribe to the newsletter in the PL and EN version. After the record, a message leaves with a discount code, which is automated in the rules. Social Proof on each product page depending on visits.


Behavioral, transactional and declarative segmentation. Customer segmentation by visits to the website. Segmentation by viewed and purchased products. Geographic segmentation, depending on the country.

Communication with the customer:

Mass email marketing.
Standard Web Push notifications.
On-site communication.
Dynamic emails.

Currently working on the contact form, version PL and EN. After saving, sends an email from the discount code using the rule.

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861% ROI for Marketing Automation implementation


Last 12 months:





The results were achieved in a very short time - 3 months - the shipping takes place from December 2021.

/ messages analytics

Last 12 months:





Real-time messaging in response to customer behavior.


OR of messages with workflow 50.4% higher in relation to mass emails and CTRworkflow messages 48.9% higher than mass emails. The results were achieved ina concise time (a 3-month period).

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Development possibilities

Implementation of search
with Cinderella AI Visual
Products Search.

Implementation of a Personal Shopping Inbox to inform also anonymous contacts about promotions and current offers.

300 employees support 3000+ midsize and enterprise customers worldwide