SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

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higher CTR of dynamic 1-to-1 emails with abandoned cart compared to mass messages


higher CTR of dynamic 1-to-1 web push with abandoned cart compared to mass notifications

SALESmanago is a very useful tool that allows you to conduct automated marketing activities focused on efficiency. The friendly interface, a large dose of information on the website and the support of the guardian allows even beginners users quickly find themselves in the tool. The tool's capabilities allow you to adjust personalized content, which of course increases sales.

Aleksandra Matysek

Sales and Marketing Manager

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The client

Pakuten is an online clothing store for women. They offer dresses, blouses, sweatpants, sets of clothes for mothers and babies and many more. The store is distinguished by the fact that most of the clothes are made in its own sewing factories in Poland, and Pomerania. Thanks to the wide offer at competitive prices, women will get any outfit for the occasion and every day.

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Increasing website traffic with new potential customers thanks to personalized dynamic content.

Higher sales conversion thanks to product recommendations tailored to customer preferences.

Activation of customers who stopped making regular purchases.

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Contact database segmentation

Thanks to the active RFM analytics module, customers in the system are grouped based on their transaction data - depending on the frequency of purchases, their value and the time since the last transaction. In addition, customers are segmented according to the order placed in the online store, subscription to the newsletter, registration and division into women and men.

Email, dynamic 1-to-1 web push and abandoned cart rescue

A customer who has visited the product card has not made any purchase in the last two hours, receives an e-mail with the offer of products that he was interested in. In addition, a person who had products in the cart and did not complete the transaction receives a message or web push reminding about the contents of the abandoned cart. Various communication channels are used to increase customer reach.

Lead generation

The user who leaves his e-mail address will receive a discount code for free delivery. By using the form in the form of a sidebar at the bottom of the page, a database of new customers is built.

Win-back activation campaign

Customers who have not visited the website for the last month receive a personalized e-mail with recommended products.

Tracking customer interest in a product using the Social Proof Widget

When browsing selected products, customers receive a notification on the page with information on how many other users have added the product to their shopping cart at the moment. Thanks to this, the customer's purchasing decision is stimulated.

Sales dashboard

The system presents the process of acquiring contacts on an ongoing basis on personalized dashboards and allows you to track the value of generated transactions. In addition, the system illustrates how accurately it impacts on the generation of income, shows the most important factors that generate income, presents information about ROI and the effectiveness of marketing activities.

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of all sales are generated thanks to the support of SALESmanago


of sales thanks to SALESmanago's support are generated from mass mailings


of the database was obtained thanks to the use of forms on the website


higher OR of dynamic 1-to-1 emails with abandoned cart compared to mass messages


higher CTR of dynamic 1-to-1 emails with abandoned cart compared to mass messages


higher CTR of dynamic 1-to-1 web push with abandoned cart compared to mass notifications

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Development opportunities

AI predictions - predicting customer value and profits that can be generated through marketing activities.

Building customer trust by creating a loyalty program.

Advanced customer segmentation according to the source of the visit and transactions from the source in a selected time period, based on dynamic segments.

300 employees support 3000+ midsize and enterprise customers worldwide