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checkthis What is Customer Data Platform and how it works with Marketing Automation

checkthis First and Zero-Party data and how to deploy it in Omnichannel Marketing

checkthis Types of Customer Segmentation and product recommendation techniques

checkthis Fixing the most common eCommerce problems: email & website conversion, abandoned carts, customer churn and loyalty.

checkthis Our latest innovations for eCommerce: AI in email design, Personal Shopping Inbox, Marketing Insights, Customer Preference Center.








2000+ eCommerce businesses have successfully deployed our Customer Data Platform with natively build Omnichannel Execution

Customer Intimacy

self-learning solutions that leverage zero- and first-party data.

The effect

Know your customers better than your competition.

Precision Execution

Combining hyper-personalization of the omnichannel experience with proven predefined processes.

The effect

Higher CR, AOV, and CLV and lower customer churn.

Growth Intelligence

Merging human and AI-based guidance enabling pragmatic and faster decision making for maximum impact.

The effect

Full control over your revenue outcomes.

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