SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

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ROI for Marketing Automation implementation


higher click rate in dynamic emails

We were looking for the right software that would significantly improve the conduct of marketing activities while personalizing offers to the client’s preferences. We found such solutions in the SALESmanago system. Thanks to the implemented marketing automation, our activities have significantly increased the effectiveness in e-commerce. We have achieved large increases in conversion rates, but also new opportunities in the field of CRM have opened up. SALESmanago is a combination of all the necessary solutions in one place. The system is very intuitive, has a clear interface, and the cooperation is exemplary thanks to the care of a professional tutor.

Robert Karkowski

the owner

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The company stemmed from the owners’ drive to meet their own needs to have trendy, high quality clothes in plus sizes. In time, the company strengthened its leading position on the local market, gradually widening its offer. In 2011 the company entered eCommerce. Using Allegro platform, the company became a country-wide leader in plus size clothes retail.

One of the company’s priorities is to support the local, polish industry.

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activation and gratification of participating contacts

activation of customers who stopped making regular purchases

multichannel - using multiple channels to communicate with users

automation of marketing processes

conducting omnichannel communication attractive for the recipient (e-mail, webpush, text messages, website messages), allowing for the delivery of a personalized offer at the best moment.

a wide range of products and the need to adapt individually to each client

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Lead generation

contact forms, pop-ups after filling which the customer receives a discount code

initial segmentation at the stage of the progressive form by gradually collecting information about the customer and his purchasing preferences

information about customer preferences is sent to the contact card


workflow, with the use of purchase prediction and 1-to-1 recommendations, activating contacts after the purchase to reduce the risk of losing a customer, thus increasing profits

workflow adjusted to the threshold in the loyalty program (variable offers depending on the threshold and bonus points and discounts adjusted to the program threshold)

multi-step omnichannel abandoned cart rescue

On Site

intelligent product recommendations (AI)

displaying recently viewed products on a dedicated widget

dynamic pop-ups

a dedicated widget encouraging to subscribe to the loyalty program (displayed to anonymous and not saved contacts)

Client communication

mass email marketing

dynamic emails

standard and dynamic web-pushes


on-site communication

live chat


behavioral, transactional and declarative segmentation

customer segmentation by visits to the website

segmentation by viewed and purchased

segmentation by time since last purchase

segmentation according to the frequency of purchases

segmentation by cash inflows

segmentation according to newsletter activity

segmentation based on the threshold of the loyalty program

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ROI for Marketing Automation implementation.


higher average CLV of contacts participating in the loyalty program.


higher average transaction value from the loyalty program in relation to all transactions.


of total sales are transactions of the loyalty program contacts.


of the total are transactions supported by SALESmanago.


rate of opening dynamic e-mails from the loyalty program.


higher OR in relation to mass e-mails.


increase in the base compared to the previous year.


higher click rate in dynamic emails from the loyalty program compared to mass emails.

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Development opportunities

Implementation of search using the Cinderella AI Visual Products Search graphic

Google Ads remarketing

Implementation of a Personal Shopping Inbox to inform anonymous contacts about promotions and the current offer

300 employees support 3000+ midsize and enterprise customers worldwide