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SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

SALESmanago Live Product Demo

Wednesday, 10:00 am CEST

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21411% ROI for Marketing Automation implementation


Autoship OR is 55.24% - On average, more than half of autoship messages are opened by contacts.

The falelokikoki.pl platform was established in April 2021, one of the goals of which is tailored marketing communication to clients of the B2B segment for the hairdressing industry and to maximize sales value in the e-commerce channel. For this purpose, we chose SALESmanago as a supplier of a comprehensive solution for the implementation of a number of our needs. The B2B segment in Fale Loki Koki is divided into a wholesale and a professional channel, therefore it is important that this division is reflected in marketing communication. The ability to communicate with customers depending on whether they belong to a given segment is a key functionality.

Using the automated marketing communication tool, which is SALESmanago, it was possible to transfer 15% of customers from off-line to on-line within 12 months. This was achieved by targeting informative, educational, and promotional messages that were individually tailored to each group of 6,000 customers. Communication took place both on the website via pop-up and push, as well as via mailing and text messages. Depending on the behavior of customers, we used simple automatic communication rules or those based on workflow.

Another channel for transmitting marketing content has become social media with the use of target groups based on a custom audience, which gave us a flexibly managed base of contacts and another point of contact with our clients.

An important element of the operation is the integration of the SALESmanago system with other systems such as ERP XL, SMS gateway, or Google Analytics because it enabled us to create a common work environment and exchange information about customer activities. To support the above-described processes, we chose SALESmanago because it guaranteed a wider than the expected spectrum of possibilities and provided quick support in case of technical problems. Ahead of us is the further development process in the area of marketing communication, in which SALESmanago will certainly prove to be indispensable and reliable.

Tomasz Kopera

E-commerce Director

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Fale Loki Koki is a chain of 77 hairdressing stores and wholesalers. Our over 30 years of experience and successfully operating in the market make it a leader in the hairdressing industry.

Fale Loki Koki is also a brand of products that include professional equipment and modern hairdressing accessories. The chain’s offer is a carefully selected wide range of hairdressing brands that meet the expectations of both hairdressers and retail customers.

Fale Loki Koki is a business partner for over 20,000 hairdressing salons and a chain of stores guaranteeing the highest availability of over 5,000 professional products. Our goal is comprehensive and professional customer service in the 360 ° model. We accomplish this task by providing a wide selection of high-quality products at competitive prices, business consulting, and training.

Fale Loki Koki supplies its business partners through a logistics center with an area of 7.5 thousand square meters. It is possible to ship of more than 2,000 orders daily to business and individual partners from the logistics center.

Fale Loki Koki is also present in over 10 European countries through cooperation with local partners. Our strategic markets are Latvia, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

Our clients and partners inspire us to develop. We rely on their needs and expectations. Relationships, bonds and the sense of security of our partners are very important to us. An important driving force of the company is a committed team of over 300 people. Many years of experience combined with new energy and ideas allow us to constantly develop. Advice, care, help, service are the future of communication with the market.

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automation of marketing processes

increasing the contact database by converting website traffic into opt-in contacts

conducting omnichannel communication with customers via email, sms, web-push, website messages in the form of banners and pop-ups

mass mailings are sent to a specific group of recipients, which translates into great deliverability statistics and great hygiene of the base - a very large share of opt-in contacts

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Email marketing

-regular newsletter delivery

Lead generation

-contact forms


-behavioral, transactional, and declarative segmentation
-segmentation based on location
-gender segmentation
-segmentation based on Custom Audience groups on Facebook
-segmentation based on the purchasing activity of contacts

Automation processes

-testing the purchasing activity of contacts through automation rules that add scoring to contacts
-automatic e-mails after the visit with a discount coupon and automatic text message with the information that a discount coupon is waiting for us in the e-mail box
-managing custom audience segments through automation rules

Mobile marketing

-thanks to the possibility of integration with the SMS gateway and sending mass messages from the SALESmanago system, very often such SMS is the last interaction on the customer’s shopping path

Communication with the customer

-mass email marketing
-dynamic emails
-on-site communication
-Personal Shopping Inbox

On Site:

-personalized banners
-web push consent form

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ROI for Marketing Automation implementation


Sales directly supported by the system are as much as 36%, which means that the last interaction on the purchasing path was an action triggered by the SALESmanago system.


Autoship OR is 55.24% - On average, more than half of autoship messages are opened by contacts.

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Development opportunities

Implementation of search using the Cinderella AI Visual Products Search graphic

Remarketing with the use of Google Ads

Implementation of the RFM Marketing Automation Module, which segments customers based on their purchases. Transaction analysis and segmentation goes beyond the purchase value itself and takes into account two additional dimensions: frequency and time since the last purchase.

300 employees support 3000+ midsize and enterprise customers worldwide