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ROI for Marketing
Automation implementation


Up to 850% higher CTR and
161% higher OR for dynamic emails
compared to mass campaigns

Our cooperation with SALESmanago was born from the need for implement a system that supports full marketing automation activities in our eCommerce department. Working with this tool has allowed us, above all, to obtain leads, automate newsletter dispatch, and personalize and segment the database. Our results are growing, as can be seen in the reports. The possibilities for the program are enormous, and new functions supporting the development of marketing activities are constantly appearing. The commitment and professionalism of our supervisor make the cooperation run smoothly.

Aneta Ochnik

Online Content and Sales Coordinator

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Our company has been developing its activities since 1993. Both in Poland and neighboring countries, we are striving to be the best distributor in the lifestyle sector. Our eCommerce department is growing dynamically in terms of both the value of products sold online and the number of online stores. With this rapid development comes the desire to offer our services in many new markets. We are committed to building solid relationships with clients.

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Activation and segmentation of customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey

The need to adapt the offer and the method of communication individually for each client

Maintaining brand loyalty and the number of transactions made

Process automation and implementation of best practices in marketing automation

Conducting omnichannel communication that is attractive to the recipient (e-mail, webpush, text messages, website messages) allowing for the delivery of a personalized offer at the optimal time

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ROI for Marketing
Automation implementation


Transactions supported by SALESmanago account for over 54%


Over 73% of last-click-supported transactions were generated by automation and workflow rules


Up to 397% higher open rate and a 701% higher click rate for dynamic emails with 1-to-1 recommendations compared to mass emails


An increase in the contact base by 28% per year


Up to 850% higher CTR and 161% higher OR for dynamic emails compared to mass campaigns

300 employees support 3000+ midsize and enterprise customers worldwide