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balagan cas study
Case Study

Discover the success
story of Balagan
achieved with SALESmanago

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3 097%



31% of transactions supported
by SALESmanago

From the day when Balagan (www.balaganstudio.com) took its first steps in marketing automation, until today, when automation has become one of our key pro-sales activities, we receive specialized support that significantly facilitates the design and implementation of new solutions and processes. Importantly, this support allows us to avoid potential mistakes and motivates us to reach for more - even if we do not have specialist knowledge in a given area. SALESmanago has enabled us to achieve a higher level of sales by implementing a number of solutions in the field of automation and personalized marketing in our online store - starting from newsletters and including workflows, as well as by recovering baskets, and recommendation frames. Our biggest joint project, however, was the implementation of the Loyalty Program, which was a natural continuation of our activities in the area of customer loyalty and monitoring customer behavior, which significantly allows us to improve not only our store but also the brand. Importantly, the project was difficult to implement on many levels, it required taking into account many aspects, the needs of the systems, and a creative idea for this program. Today, more than half a year after the implementation, we can happily admit that it works as expected. With thanks for your work,

Magda Kulesza

Managing Director

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Classic shoes, handbags and accessories for everyday use, locally produced with attention to every detail. At Balagan, we believe in timeless aesthetics, commitment to quality, and attention to detail.
Our products are made of high-quality natural leather. We combine the simple elegance of Polish design with the casual, universal style of the Israeli street. This connection is reflected in the very name - Balagan - a word common to the languages of the two cities, one of the many elements connecting these seemingly distant cultures.
More on the company at: https://balaganstudio.com/

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Encouraging customers to come back and buy again

Increasing customer loyalty and retention

Reducing the number of abandoned carts

Support for after-sale services and products,
e.g. sales of care products

Increasing the ABV by recommending upselling products

Improvement of newsletter indicators, i.e. OR and CTR

Automation of the process of displaying similar and complementary products on the recommendation page

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3 097%



44% of supported last-click transactions generated by automation processes


OR increase


CTR increase


31% of transactions supported by SALESmanago


12% last click transactions supported by SALESmanago

sales increase

300 employees support 3000+ midsize and enterprise customers worldwide