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Case Studies


Yves Rocher boosts email efficiency by 1200% with personalized, dynamic offers, and increases the number of new leads with a personalized offer of product sets presented on the website. increases the effectiveness of email marketing through the use of advanced automatic segmentation of customers based on information about purchased products and effectively reactivates non-active customers through automated program with discount codes.

PIXERS increases efficiency in email marketing channel by 1066%, thanks to client segmentation, and sending personalized, dynamic emails. Dynamic messages to save abandoned carts achieve spiking 320% conversion rate compared to standard email campaigns.

Aromas de Té increases sales by 23% thanks to automated dynamic emails and grows conversion rate by 200% with lead generation campaigns.

Farmacia GT increases the number of customers acquired online by 20% using lead generation pop-ups and grows total sales by 10% thanks to customer segmentation and dynamic emails.

The Gremi Group has witnessed a twentyfold increase in the effectiveness of its communication. This was achieved by a two-pronged approach: firstly, with e-mails which contained offers for newspapers, by adjusting those e-mails according to individual customer profiles, and secondly, by reminding customers about subscriptions they had ordered. increases the number of transactions closed by 140% thanks to dynamic 1-to-1 newsletters; conversion rate grows by 33% after implementation of a sales funnel.

Noble Health increases OR by 50%, and CTR by 82% in comparison to mass mailings, and increases value of the shopping cart by 40% through the implementation of complex educational cycles.

Meble VOX effectively combines online and offline sales. Dynamic 1-to-1 emails increased conversion by 100%, and automatic messages with the interior design created by the user in the online app boosted the number of customers coming back to brick-and-mortar stores for consultations by 22%.

Broń.pl increases lead generation from the website, builds customer loyalty thanks to personalized video content and boosts conversion rate in email marketing with dynamic 1-to-1 emails and customer segmentation.

B2B is a Spanish digital marketing agency with 18 years of experience. Since SALESmanago implementation, the company generates 200% more sales, improving CTR by 1500% and OR by 700% with personalized emails. improved the process of education of its users and their loyalty, reaching 40% CTR in a lead nurturing programme and 20% conversion on new account registrations.

Energy Invest Group, has increased the number of generated leads by 300% and engaged their customers with the sales process by using segmentation and lead nurturing. The implemented solutions result in a 150% increase in sales.

The AIF Law Office introduces service-related landing pages and educational cycles to enhance the quality of communication with customers. In the result of personalization, OR increases by 20%. The number of customers served over the phone grows by the same number.

B2C & Retail

Isuzu Motor enhanced their lead management process and improved sales by 17% thanks to the use of automated sales funnels and personalization of sales process.

Thanks to coherent multichannel communication, AlleKurier have increased their marketing campaign conversion rate by 50%, and have been regularly seeing an Open Rate usually twice higher than average market OR, thanks to efficient database segmentation and tailored offers.

SuperMemo World increases click through rates by 6000% and conversions by 135% thanks to customer`s behavioral segmentation and by sending personalised dynamic emails with offers tailored to user`s profile and interest.

Thanks to email automation and personalization, Navi Expert increases the efficiency of email campaigns. CTR grows by 300% and OR by 280%.

Rainbow increases lead generation from the website by 45% thanks to personalized contact forms to anonymous users, and raises conversion rates on e-mail marketing by 400%.

Cordia Cystersow Garden increases engagement with e-mail marketing by 500% using customer segmentation, personalization and automation of communication, and improves cooperation between sales and marketing.

C21 Be Brave is a Spanish clothing online store. Perviously the company was focusing on massive e-mail marketing.. C21 Be Brave transforms its email marketing and increases CTR by 463% and conversion by 621%.

7Hype is a young but experienced media communications agency working on the Italian market. Acquired 27 new customers for SALESmanago Marketing Automation and nearly 1 milion euro annual revenue in just one year. is a Spanish digital marketing agency with 18 years of experience. Since SALESmanago implementation, the company generates 200% more sales, improving CTR by 1500% and OR by 700% with personalized emails.

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