Customer Data Platform

Keep all data about your contacts in a single place and easily access it to target and personalize your campaigns. Build 360 customer profiles with usage of behavioural and transactional data processed in real - time.

Customer Data Platform

Key Features

Reach new levels of knowledge about your contacts. Build rich customer profiles and use the collected data in your campaigns and processes.

Build and manage your contacts' database

Fill single customer view with personal, transactional and behavioural data in one place

Understand better your customers preferences using data on products viewed and bought

Display information about your contacts’ reactions to your direct communication

Learn what is the best hour and day to contact your customer

Manage the consents and stay GDPR complain

Predict the next customer purchase, it's churn and best communication channel

Exchange and synchronize user data with DMP or data warehouses

CDP and 360 Customer View

CRM and 360 Customer View

SALESmanago Contact Card compiles all knowledge about your particular client. The information stored on the contact card includes behavioural data obtained from tracking the contact’s behaviour as well as any available transactional data. SALESmanago Marketing Automation integrates several sources of information about your customers showing their coherent and full picture in one location on their individual contact cards. The client data is collected and up-dated in real time.

Information available on the contact card

Information available on the contact card

Behavioural data - sourced from the module for identification and tracking of the contact’s behaviour online

Segmentation data – information on segments your contacts have been qualified into on the basis of their behaviour

Product preferences – information on browsed products grouped by categories, brands, prices, colours

Information from external sources – data from other systems and databases integrated with SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform

Transactional data – available thanks to integration between SALESmanago Marketing Automation and CDP/CRM/ERP systems

Data entered manually by the sales team and/or Call Center

Marketing and sales campaign overview – detailed information on campaigns your contacts are involved in and their current level of involvement

Contact scoring – sum of scoring points added automatically for every instant of client-company interaction

Contact communication overview – list of all email, SMS, VMS and phone messages received by a particular contact

Device fingerprint – track contacts even if they remove cookies

AI Predictions – use customer's transactional history to predict next purchase, risk of customer churn and the communication channel with the highest conversion probability

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