AI Predictive Analytics

Analyze your customers’ transactional activity to predict the next purchase, the risk of churn, CLV and the communication channel most efficient for each buyer. Improve your marketing effectiveness and customer retention by adjusting the way you communicate with your customers depending on their stage in the buying cycle.

SALESmanago Predictive Analytics

Key Features

Deliver perfectly matched, relevant search results thanks to the utilization of Natural Language Processing and AI product recommendations. Show the products that the customer really would like to buy.

Measure the average CLV, the time between purchases, customer lifespan, and other transactional statistics specific for your store

Identify the communication channels that have the highest sales conversion

Control the number of customers with different probability of buying or churning

Target customers with high churn risk with dedicated reactivation campaigns

Manage your mass communication to change the frequency of sent campaigns to users depending on the chance for the next purchase

Decide which automation processes should be activated to customers depending on their segment in the purchase and churn prediction

Adjust the communication channel to each customer to improve the chance for conversion

Predict CLV for each customer based on the past transactions

How it works

Predictive Analytics
  • Integrate transactional data with SALESmanago
  • The system will automatically calculate transactional statistics and trends for your customer database
  • SALESmanago analyzes individual purchase history (frequency, value) and compares it with data average for other customers in your store
  • As a result, you will see the prediction of next purchase, churn and best communication channel on the customer 360 profile
  • The individual results are used to segment the entire database and separate the customers based on the probability of buying and churning
  • The data is presented on a dashboard which shows the number of customers in different probability quartiles and most efficient communication channels for your store

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