Email Design Studio

Push the boundaries of where true engagement and customer intimacy happen with the new Email Design Studio for eCommerce. Get more conversions and collect Zero-Party Data using this unique mobile-first, state-of-the-art email designer.

State-of-the-art Email Designer to fully focus on content not configuration
Go beyond beautiful emails to increase revenue and CLV, leveraging engagement and conversion tools
Make it mobile-first to improve customer experience and become future-proof
Listen to what customers have to say to you and deepen the sense of intimacy using a set of widgets to collect Zero-Party Data
AI Studio to create great content fast in 12 languages (and growing)
AI Studio Images to create stunning images, banners, and color pallets that are tailor-made for your brand and audience
Email templates, a game-changer to revolutionize customer engagement and drive sales

9 Steps to Success with Email Design Studio

State-of-the-art Email Designer

Focus on content not configuration. Build value for your customers, and we'll make sure you're prepared for any configuration of device, inbox, and email client. Easily create and send your recipients emails that look great every time.

Focus on content not configuration

Make it Mobile-First

Improve customer experience and become future-proof. Focus on the most important channel for emails: mobile. Leverage natively built, ready-to-use, intuitive solutions that provide a great experience for users who open messages on smartphones.

Improve customer experience Become future-proof

Listen to your customers

Create a sense of intimacy with customers. Allow them to share their preferences voluntarily. Use a set of widgets to collect Zero-Party Data. Listen to what customers have to say to you and deepen the sense of intimacy.

Create a sense of intimacy with customers

Go beyond beautiful emails

Increase revenue and CLV , leveraging engagement and conversion tools. Enrich your emails with a set of widgets that engage customers more deeply with your content, and drive them smoothly to fast buying decisions.

Increase revenue and CLV

Easily customize your emails

Strengthen customer loyalty. Bundle every email you make with brand design and benefit from advanced customization of individual message elements. Create your own brand book for emails to reinforce your message to your audience and increase customer loyalty.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Get great content in no time

Be more lean yet remarkable. Leverage the AI in Email Marketing to generate the best subject lines, bullet points, product descriptions, catchy slogans and even entire paragraphs of content.

Be lean yet remarkable

Save time and scale your efforts

Get a better impact with the same resources. Use AI-generated content to improve your work in many ways, like efficiency and scalability, cost-effectiveness or breaking writer's block.

Get better impact with the same resources

Boost your productivity

Ensure time efficiency and effortless email creation by utilizing pre-designed templates. Customize the content and images to meet the specific requirements of each campaign, streamlining the process while delivering visually appealing emails that resonate across various devices, inboxes, and email clients.

Be impactful

Swiftly create consistent messages

Maintain a consistent and professional appearance for your marketing communications using email templates. With pre-designed templates, you can guarantee that your branding, layout, and formatting remain cohesive across multiple email campaigns, establishing a strong and recognizable brand identity throughout your customer interactions.

Deliver consistent User Experience

State-of-the-art Email Design Studio for eCommerce that has it all

Perfectly tailored tool for eCommerce to increase revenue and CLV

Email Designer with a set of eCommerce-specific widgets and tools:

  • Widgets to ethically gather Zero-Party Data
  • Widgets to boost conversions
  • Widgets to increase customer engagement
  • AI Studio to get the best content in seconds
  • Mobile-First email builder

    Set of easily-adjustable templates for every occasion

    Powerful tool to run marketing based on Zero-Party Data

  • Preference-based automations
  • Preference-based segments
  • Hyper-personalized product recommendations
  • Conditional structures
  • Easy, intuitive, hyper-customizable wizard

    Brand elements libraries for consistent messaging and time saving

    Built with the latest technology for exceptional compatibility with email clients

    Maximize eCommerce revenue growth
    …the lean way