CONTEST RULES AND REGULATIONS „2018 European Digital Marketing Survey”

§ 1

  1. Contest (‘contest’) at Webankieta website is organized by Benhauer sp. z o.o. (Benhauer Ltd.), 21 Grzegórzecka Street, 31-532 Cracow, TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (NIP): 676 244 77 54 REGISTER OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMY NUMBER (REGON): 122334666, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Krakow, District XI of the National Court Register (KRS): 0000523346(‘Contest owner’).
  2. Excluded from the contest are members of the board and Contest owner’s employees as well as their relatives. Considered as relatives are their descendants and ascendants, siblings, spouses and ones in adoptive relationship.
  3. Contestants’ personal data is administered by Contest owner.
  4. Sharing Contestant personal data is voluntary, but is necessary to join the Contest. Person who provides the personal data has a right to access, change or delete it.
  5. Contest will be conducted at Webankieta website, at
  6. Contest is not sponsored, supported or conducted by Webankieta and is not connected with it. Contest owner certifies that Webankieta is fully exempted from any responsibility by every Contestant.
  7. The present rules and regulations (‘the Rules’) defines conditions of Contest, which are accepted by Contestant in the moment of taking the part in the Contest.
  8. Contest’s conducting does not breach resolutions of Hazard Games Act from 19th of November 2009 (Journal of Laws Nr 201, position 1540 and its subsequent amendments), especially Contest is not a lottery in legal terms of that Act.
  9. Technical requirements to join the Contest include a computer or any device like mobile or tablet connected to the Internet which allows completing a questionnaire at Webankieta.

§ 2

  1. A Contestant may be a natural person, legal entity or an organizational unit which does not have a legal personality that takes part in the Contest (‘Contestant’).
  2. Contestant is obliged to complete the questionnaire and answer 2 contest questions
  3. Contestant confirms that:
    • content of the Rules is known for him, he accepts it completely and express a will to join the Contest
    • is obliged to follow the Rules
    • he agrees on personal data processing for Contest purposes.

§ 3

  1. Contest’s winners will receive material prizes in the form of Apple iPad Pro tablet in the number of 1 unit and book „Marketing Automation Revolution. Using the potential of Big Data” by Grzegorz Błażewicz (‘Prize’) in the number of 3 units.
    • for the I place Contestant will receive Apple iPad Pro tablet
    • for the II place Contestant will receive „Marketing Automation Revolution. Using the potential of Big Data” by Grzegorz Błażewicz
  2. Value of prizes does not exceed the amount of
    • 2600 PLN (iPad Pro) – 1 item
    • 46,75 PLN („Rewolucja z Marketing Automation”) – 25 items
    • 54,65 PLN („Marketing Automation Revolution”) – 25 items
  3. Total: 5135 PLN.

  4. The Contest owner award the additional prize in the amount of 11,11% of prize’s value. The Contest owner will pay tax in the amount of 10% of total prize’s value on account of flat-rate income tax from natural person according according to Article 30, paragraph 1, point 2 of the Personal Income Tax Act of July 26, 1991 (Journal of Laws 1991 No. 80, item 350, as amended) and will be transferred to the competent tax office.

§ 4

    Contest starts on 16.03.2018 at 3 p.m. CET and ends on 30.04.2018 at 3 p.m. CET.

§ 5

  1. A contest task consists of completing the questionnaire and answering the 2 contest question.
  2. Contestant declares that their statements submitted to the Contest are their own opinions and do not violate copyrights. In case of violation of any third party rights including copyrights and personal interests, Contestant is obliged to satisfy the claims declared by the third party excluding Contest owner duties and responsibilities deriving from the applicable law.
  3. Every Contestant may complete the questionnaire once.
  4. Contest owner will establish a Contest Committee which will judge the submitted contest answers and choose the most interesting ones. Contest Committee will take into account Contestants’ creativity and as the result of that choose the Contestants – authors of the most interesting answers.
  5. The list of Contestants entitled to the receipt of the Prize will be published in the separate post at SALESmanago fanpage available at, The Contest owner will also contact the winners via e-mail.

§ 6

  1. Contestants entitled to the receipt of the Prize are obliged to reply to the Contest owner e-mail in a three working days’ time counting from the date of announcing winners of the Contest including:
    • company name or first and last name along with the name under which a natural person conducts a business
    • address for which Prize can be sent
    • phone number and e-mail address of a contact authorized person
  2. Loss of the right to the Prize can be caused by:
    • crossing the deadline of sending the message
    • sending incorrect or uncomplete data

    In the case of that situation rights to the Prize is devolved to the Contestant with the further greatest number of likes.

  3. Contest owner will send Prizes by the post office to the addresses indicated by Contestants in the time of 7 days after receiving information mentioned in § 6 section 1.
  4. Contestants are not provided with a right to demand of exchanging Prize for other goods or services, especially there is no right to demand a money equivalent payment.
  5. Contest owner decides on awarding.

§ 7

  1. The Contest owner is not liable for the lack of the possibility of receiving the Prize by the Contestant, for reasons not attributable to the Contest owner.
  2. Contest owner has a right to exclude, at any stage of the Contest, all of some of Contestants whose activities are contradictory to the law, the Rules or the Webankieta regulations, especially Contestants who:
    • undertake actions in order to interfere with the mechanism of the Contest
    • do not perform or perform improperly the Contest task and/or take part in the Contest in spite of not fulfilling stipulated conditions.
  3. Exclusion of the Contestant results in a loss of the right to the Prize.

§ 8

  1. In the Contest, there are processed Contestants’ data
  2. Personal data of Contestants will be processed by Contest owner only in order to run a Contest.
  3. Contestants have a right to access, change or delete processed personal data. Sharing personal data is voluntary.
  4. A request for deletion of personal data results in the loss of the right to participate in the Contest.

§ 9

  1. It is forbidden to participate in the Contest in a manner inconsistent with the Regulations or generally applicable laws, including in particular the provision of unlawful content by Participants.
  2. Completing the questionnaire by the Contestant indicates that the Contestant provides the Contest owner with non-exclusive license without time and territorial limitations and a permission to process and export above-mentioned contents within the fields of use mentioned in Act of authors law from 4th of February 1994 (Journal of Law Nr 24, poz. 83 and its subsequent amendments), especially in matters of:
    • copying, printing or saving the contents
    • create copies of the sent contents by printing or reprography techniques, or by using magnetic or digital record
    • marketing the original contents or itscopies
  3. Exporting the contents in any other way than mentioned above, for example, public projection, exhibition, streaming, broadcasting and reemitting, also public sharing in a way that anyone can access the photo in a time and place chosen by one, provided with no payments rights being acquired by Contestant.

§ 10

  1. Complaints concerning the Contest should be reported to Contest owner immediately by e-mail at and/or by private message at Facebook profile at and/or by traditional mail to the Contest owner address.
  2. Only complaints containing sender identifying data and his address with description of complained incident and proposal of solution will be considered.
  3. Complaints will be considered immediately, not later than 14 days after receiving by Contest owner by e-mail or Facebook private message or traditional mail to his address.

§ 11

  1. The Rules is introduced with effect from 12.03.2018 until further notice. The Rules may change and the Contestants will be informed about it via announcement published on the Facebook fanpage SALESmanago at
  2. The Rules of Contest is available for the Contestants at