SALESmanago Marketing Automation
SALESmanago Marketing Automation
Highest Native Feature Richness vs Value
Unlimited Usage
Best Time to Value
Free Onboarding & Support


Complete Marketing Automation platform for companies of all sizes.

  • Website Visitor Identification & Tracking
  • CRM & Single Customer 360 View
  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation
  • Email Marketing with Dynamic 1-to-1 Emails
  • Automation Rules & Omnichannel Workflows
  • Forms & Landing Pages
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Live Chat with Customer Intelligence
  • Advanced Website Personalization
  • Recommendation Frames
  • Cross Channel Revenue Attribution
  • Product Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Personalized Business Dashboards
  • Mobile Marketing

AI Marketing Cloud

Free Proof of Concept led by our Expert Consulting Team.

  • Machine Learning & AI Recommendations
  • B2C Sales Bot with Recommendations
  • RFM Analytics & Automation
  • Mobile App Marketing Automation
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Dynamic Ads Remarketing
  • Custom Dynamic Website Content
  • Custom Behaviour Tracking & Triggers
  • Website Automation
  • Dynamic Discounting Automation
  • Custom eCommerce Product Returns Campaigns
  • Custom IT development and Integrations


CRM is the core of the online business. Collect and organize all your contacts together with information about them. Take advantage of the behavioral profiling that is a key factor in B2B and B2C activities.

Live Chat

The one and only Live Chat is designed especially for eCommerce & Online Stores. Do not just talk but start actually selling via Live Chat.

Web Push

Use web notifications to reach customers and anonymous users on mobile and desktop devices - even after they have left your website!

Generate Leads

Convert anonymous traffic to new leads in your database with easy to set up contact forms, pop-ups, exit pop-ups, sidebars and landing pages.

Email Marketing

Create fully responsive email in just a few minutes, without hiring devs. Personalize the content and send time of every message and tailor it to each subscriber’s preferences.

All features available in plans

Professional Enterprise
Website Visitors Identification
Website Contacts Behavioural Monitoring
360* Contact Profiles with Personal, Transactions and Behavioural Data
Behavioural & Transational Contact Segmentation
Mobile App Contact Behavioural Monitoring
Custom Behaviour Tracking & Triggers
Unlimited Number of User Accounts
Email Marketing
Advanced Drag & Drop Email Designer
Send Email & Newsletter
A/B Email Testing
Birthday Emails
Lead Nurturing for eCommerce
Google Analytics eCommerce Dashboard
Dynamic Emails & Recommendations
Content Personalization
AI Email Personalization
Unlimited Emails per Month
Dedicated IP Email Address
Mobile Marketing
Dynamic 1-to-1 SMS
Birthdays SMS
Easy Integration with SMS Provider
Product Recommendations in Text and Push Notifications
Mobile Marketing Automation
Lead Generation
Contact Forms & Landing Pages Creator
Contact Forms & Landing Page A/B/X Testing
Real Time Website Traffic Monitoring
Progressive Profiling
Website Personalization
Personalized Website Banners
Recommendation Frames
Intelligent Product Recommendations
Dynamic Content A/B/X Testing
AI Website Personalization
Custom Dynamic Content
Live Chat
Live Chat with Customer Intelligence
Contact Preferences Identification
Contact Data Acquisition with Progressive Profiling Forms
AI Product Recommendations
B2C Sales Bot with Recommendations
Web Push
Web Push & Rich Web Push Notifications
Dynamic Recommendations
Communication with anonymous contacts
1-to-1 Contact Communication
Social Media
Social Media Management
Social Media Posting
Facebook Ads & Custom Audiences Integration
Dynamic Ads Remarketing
Marketing Automation
Automation Rules & Omnichannel Workflows
Omnichannel Recommendation Engine
Dynamic Contact Segmentation
Custom eCommerce Product Returns Campaigns
RFM Analytics & Automation
Dynamic Discounting Automation
Custom Automation Triggers
Report & Analytics
General Database Analytics
Email Marketing Analytics
Sales Dashboards
eCommerce Transactional Analytics
Cross Channel Revenue Attribution
Product Analytics
Google Analytics eCommerce Dashboard
Dynamic Content Analytics
Custom Sales Report
Custom Conversation Reports
Integrations & Plugins
CRM & E-commerce Platforms Integration Plug-ins
Full API Access
Product Data Feeds
Google Analytics Integration
iBeacons Integration for Offline Tracking
Custom Integrations
Custom API Methods
Phone Support
Live Chat Support
Email Support
Dedicated Support and Consulting Service
Custom IT Development and Integrations
All packages are unlimited in number of users, emails sent and website visitors, API used. Everything is Real-time in SALESmanago.