Analytical Dashboards


SALESmanago’s Analytical Dashboards is a favorite tool of every CEO, owner or a manager in the company. In one place, the Marketing Automation system shows comprehensive analytics of the most important processes of marketing and sales. In the real time module, you can monitor the efficiency of the marketing department at acquiring new contacts (Lead Generation), sales department on activity and results achieved on its own contacts and contacts generated by marketing (Lead Routing) and connected work of both divisions from acquiring contact to closing deals (Campaign Analytics). Additionally, a panel containing basic data on the current base of contacts and its condition is available. With Marketing Automation platform you have the access to the data that can be generated weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually, making them easy to compare, draw conclusions and to respond to positive and negative trends in a real time module.

General Base’s Analytics

Basic panel is automatically configured for every client. It shows the basic information about the status and activity of the contact’s database in SALESmanago Marketing Automation system. It allows you to keep track of the basic parameters and to monitor the rate of its change. The information is presented in standard ranges of time: the last seven days or 30 days, the current and previous month, quarter and year.

Analysis of the database involves:

  • State and its size – the size of the database, the number of monitored contacts, discharged from marketing communication and acquired.
  • Activities in time – analysis of the active contacts divided into 3 groups: recently active over the past seven days, month, quarter and those that are inactive.
  • Weekly and hourly activity – based on the activity of the monitored contacts during the day and every day of the week. The system analyzes the activity of the entire database indicating the time of the day and the day of the week in which the person from the database usually responds to email and visits the website. This is the best moment to perform mass communication.
  • Subscribers – in this area, you can get information about the most common reasons for unsubscribing contacts, the most popular email domains in our database and share the monitored contacts in the entire database.

Lead Generation Analytics

The panel focuses on the primary task of the marketing department, which is gaining new contacts (Lead Generation). It shows the total number of contacts acquired from the indicated sources as well as per specific source, always in relation to the previous period. In the Marketing Automation system, the user can configure the appropriate number of dashboards, in order to get a clear picture of the activities. The configuration of this panel is based on the identification of sources of contacts – in the system recognition as different tags.

Once activated, the system will convert SALESmanago data for the last year and will display information about:

  • The total number of acquired contacts – globally and per source with information about the participation of this source.
  • Dynamics acquisition of contacts – in the form of a comparison of the current period to the previous one.
  • Methods of obtaining contacts – collecting information about the number of all the contacts obtained from the source of comparison for new contacts in the period considered.

Lead Routing Analytics

Customizable dashboard, allows you to keep a precise control of marketing and sales campaign within SALESmanago Marketing Automation system. In order to cover all major processes, every user is able to configure the appropriate amount of dashboards. The scope of analysis includes several key stages of the process. It begins with the acquisition of contacts through their transfer to sales, process sales campaign and ends at the close of the sale. The data is presented collectively for the whole process and above. Periods of filtering per trader and/or origin of the contacts is allowed.

In order to configure the dashboard you have to define sources from which you gain contacts, indicate the main account of generating Leads, people who work with contacts and the exact moment of the first random 3 steps in the sales process.

Thanks to that we learn about:

  • Basic parameters – the acquired amount, contacts transferred through the sales department (average per dealer).
  • The flow of the contacts allowed in a company – full information about the number of contacts and the time required to transfer contacts with the conversion rate for the entire department or specific people and time frame, with visualization of such process.
  • Contacts distribution and the view of the results presented per sales representatives – collecting information about the number of contacts at various stages of the process, including a breakdown of the sources of acquired contacts.

Campaign Analytics

Another dashboard from SALESmanago Marketing Automation system that is easy to customize. This allows for a very precise control over the campaign of marketing and sales within SALESmanago system. Apart from the quantitative data, SALESmanago shows the impact various marketing communication channels has maintaing contacts and move through successive stages of the campaign. To configure such dashboard you need to define a specific campaign you want to measure and the sources needed to gain customers for.

Campaign Analytics Dashboards shows:

  • The number of contacts in the campaign – the sum of contacts that have joined the campaign in a given period; the sum is divided into specific stages, also, its comparison to the previous period is provided.
  • The flow of the contacts is allowed in the campaign – here information is available from which specific sources and how many contacts occurred on the stage of the campaign.
  • Marketing communication channels – a valuable information that shows which of our marketing activities convert through successive stages of the campaign.
  • Contacts conversion in the campaign – the key parameters of the process (the average time of transition for the campaign) along with the amount of contact time of transition per source and amount per source. This information allows for investing resources in the best converting marketing.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Through integrating SALESmanago with Google Analytics, the system automatically displays the number of transactions generated by the company. Additionally, it shows transactions backed by actions carried out from the SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform with the exact distribution of the sources and types of campaigns measured by the parameters of UTM.

User benefits:

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  • Monitoring and precise insight into marketing and sales processes
  • Updated data, that enables you optimize the best processes and activities
  • Insight into the effects achieved by sellers
  • Basis for cutting inefficient operations and investing in better options
  • The ability to know the true flow of the sales process and better usage of its specificity in their own company
  • True verification of marketing activities
  • Real-time monitoring of the impact of marketing and the amount of income generated by company

Customer reference

„I am happy to cooperate with SALESmanago, not only because it is a valuable platform, but also our project manager is really helpful and always willing to advice and find the right solution. Provided support is prompt to our requests and SALESmanago’s team encourages us to use platform more in order to be efficient. So we appreciate the cooperation with your company.”
Jozef Búry, CEO, GreenDog