Responsive content wizards


SALESmanago Marketing Automation provides the customers with responsive content wizards that allow preparing e-mails, contact forms and landing pages, all automatically adjusting to the screen resolution of the device on which they will be displayed.Thanks to this, each of creations will perform in an attractive way on computers, tablets as well as smartphones.

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Responsive Email Marketing

Drag&Drop wizard

The SALESmanago Marketing Automation Drag&Drop Email Designer allows you to create professional-looking, responsive messages within minutes, without any help of specialists. This tool uses the Drag&Drop technology, thanks to which the whole process is based only on dragging and dropping widgets. Widgets, as well as layouts and templates available in the wizard, make designing an email child’s play. In addition, all messages created in this creator are responsive – their width will automatically adjust to the screen resolution of the device on which they will be displayed.

Autoresponder wizard

Autoresponder is one of the easiest and basic automation available in SALESmanago Marketing Automation software. How does it work? The system sends an automatic email in reaction to pre-defined contact’s action, such as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an ebook. Creator leads you through all the stages of message creation and configuration. On the dedicated screen, you choose to which event you want to react and determine after which time you wish to send a message. Each of the emails created in Autoresponder wizard are responsive. They will display differently on various devices like computers, tablets and smartphones.

Lead Nurturing wizard

Lead Nurturing is a vital process in B2B and emerging trend in e-commerce. This tactic means a different approach to newly acquired contacts: you start with sending them educational content that prepares them for purchase and delivers knowledge necessary to make a shopping decision. Campaign creator available in SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform combines the features of two creators described above. It involves the following steps:

    • Determining when a campaign starts for a given contact
    • Defining the set of email messages
    • Defining the time between the messages

Responsive Lead Generation

Landing Pages wizard

Landing Pages wizard in SALESmanago Marketing Automation allows you to create a comprehensive set of 3 creations: landing page, thank you page and confirmation email. Thanks to it, you can create structures with basically no effort, without having to make changes to the source code of the website, and as a result you will gain many new and valuable contacts. Both the landing page, thank you page and the confirmation email created in the SALESmanago Marketing Automation system are responsive and adapt to the screen resolution of the devices on which they are displayed. Moreover, double opt-in system utilized in SALESmanago enables acquiring only valuable leads who confirmed their personal data by clicking on the confirmation button included in the email.

Sidebar Wizard

Sidebar in the SALESmanago Marketing Automation system can be used to generate new leads, and thanks to its responsiveness, users will be able to provide their data in the contact form in a convenient way both from the level of a computer as well as a tablet or a mobile phone. The entire process consists of 3 steps: sidebar, thank you page and confirmation e-mail, and all of them are responsive.

Express PopUp Designer

The contact form created in the SALESmanago Marketing Automation system can also take the form of a responsive pop-up. Express PopUp Designer guides you through a process consisting of 5 steps in which 3 elements are created: a contact form itself with fields to be filled by the user, a thank you page to appreciate contacts who submit the form, and a message confirming the subscription. You can define at what point the user will see the form, and whether it will be available on all types of devices.

Form Express Wizard

This wizard allows you to create a contact form in a form of a frame displayed on the website. Each of the three elements created in this wizard: form, thank you page and confirmation email is responsive.

Responsive creations preview

When creating all of the above structures, you can keep track of the effects of your work by displaying a preview generated for:

  • computers – a standard computer screen, the structure is displayed in full width
  • tablets – the structure will be displayed in a resolution typical for most tablets
  • smartphones – the structure will be displayed in the minimum width available for mobile devices

Thanks to the preview function, you will gain continuous access to information about how the structures created by you will ultimately be presented.

A/B/X tests of dynamic content

An innovative solution introduced by SALESmanago Marketing Automation: prepare dynamic emails, banners (including frames with recommendations), landing pages and contact forms in a drag&drop creator. During the test, the system will display a couple of different creations in the same place for various users. Then the most efficient creation will be displayed. You can also display other campaigns after the test, defining the proportions in which each one should be displayed. You can also change the proportions of displaying creations in real time after the test. That way you can actively react to change of campaign’s results and display the most efficient at the given time with one click.

A/B/X Test Creator allows you to:

  • prepare creations to be tested in drag&drop creators
  • define the test duration
  • define the proportions in which test creations will be displayed during the test
  • define the proportions in which test creations will be displayed after the test
  • see the performance of each campaign in the real time in dedicated analytics panel


  • fully responsive emails, landing pages and forms
  • easy to use tools enabling creating complex structures
  • easy implementation of created forms on your website
  • user-friendly creators that lead you step by step through the process
  • complex analytics
  • a/b/x tests allowing you to choose a structure of a best performance

Customer Reference

„We want to thank our Support Specialist in SALESmanago. Any time we have questions, we get answers with examples and informations are sent with visual materials. Project manager is always kind and available. We are sure that with the tools of SALESmanago and with the support offered we will achieve great results.”
Vittorio Grassi, CEO | Business Administration & Marketing, Sidea Group, Digital Business