Bookshops and publishing houses


Bookshops and publishing houses are one of the most popular SALESmanago customers. SALESmanago Marketing Automation system is successfully used by a scientific publishers (C.H. Beck, Wolters Kluwer), books and multimedia education materials distributors (Young Digital Planet) and big bookstores like or Matras. Increasing interest in audiobook stores like Audioteka or is also a great place for Marketing Automation.

Examples of use

Dynamic email offers:

  • Dynamic email after the customer’s visit to the website, offering recently viewed items
  • Dynamic email reactivating customers a few weeks after their last visit to the website
  • Dynamic email adapted to the customer’s entire visit history
  • Dynamic email customised according to transactional data – proposing publications from categories previously purchased by the customer or publications by the same author
  • Dynamic email rescuing an abandoned shopping cart
  • Dynamic email subjects using the names of authors of the publications the customer viewed on the website.

Integration with the CRM and transaction processing systems:

  • Synchronisation of transactional and behavioural data between SALESmanago Marketing Automation and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in use
  • Parallel removal of opt-out contacts from client databases
  • Contacts entered by the CRM staff automatically added to SALESmanago Marketing Automation system

Segmentation and scoring:

  • Automatic contact segmentation on the basis of their interest in similar types of publications or authors
  • Points assigned for each relevant activity of the lead.
  • Points assigned on an individual basis for particularly important actions
  • Segmentation on the basis of the time spent on the website and the number of subpages visited

Lead Generation:

  • Facebook contest apps, Facebook event tracking, custom audiences – Facebook ads targeting
  • Sidebars / pop-ups with newsletter subscription + discount codes sent in exchange for subscription
  • Real-time recommendation system
  • Dynamic banner ads displayed according to the contact’s activity
  • Progressive pop-ups displayed only for anonymous customers
  • Real-time alerts transferring information about the lead’s visit to the website to the sales department
  • Dynamic pop-ups for identified leads
  • Text messages with discounts and special offers

Lead Nurturing:

  • Programmes educating customers who are not yet ready to buy
  • Dynamic newsletters – using the RSS feed in creating dynamic messages informing about new content on the website
  • Offer sent automatically when a certain scoring level has been reached
  • Automated sales campaigns for leads showing initial interest in purchasing specific publications

Email campaigns:

  • Newsletter campaigns targeting customer segments who already bought publications in the bookshop or viewed a category on a website
  • Email campaigns tailored to individual trends – proposing new books in a period in which the customer purchased books in previous years
  • Classic newsletters tracking user behaviour after accessing the website, featuring personalisation
  • Birthday emails with discounts