SALESmanago Marketing Automation

4 tips how to increase your revenue in our Reselling Program

Over 1000 companies have joined SALESmanago Reselling Partners Program since 2014. Some of them have quickly built million dollar businesses by recommending and reselling SALESmanago or delivering value added services around our platform.

We understand that long-term agency success with marketing automation is not just about the sheer number of customers you sell. Instead, it is about effectively managing the clients you acquire to help your agency to grow, scale and sell more inbound marketing retainers.

Below you will find 4 tips how you can make your company more profitable thanks to our partnership program.

1. Get monthly lifetime commission from each customer you bring

In SALESmanago we have three different partnership tiers. As a Basic Partner, you can get 30% from each paid invoice of your Client, as a Premium Partner 45% and if you become Diamond Partner 65% commission.

How the revenue mechanics work? Average Lifetime of a customer is 40 months, Average MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) per customer is 500 € so CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is 20 000 €. That is pretty nice amount of money of which you take your commission.

2. 1000 € upfront bonus for each company you sell to or recommend us to

To increase partner motivation we have introduced extra upfront payment of 1000 € for each customer that signs PRO account with up to 10 000 contacts.

As a Basic partner after 12 months, you can earn 3332,80 € and € 7998,40 after three years. You are not losing any percent of your commission, just the opposite! The extra money you can spend on events, advertising or anything else what is coming up to your mind. The biggest benefit of upfront payment is that Partner can pay Diamond Partnership fee after only 4 new Clients! After that, you can enjoy 65% commission, not 30%.

3. Build your own partnership network and get 5% revenues in your own channel

From the start of the partnership you can start building a network of your own Partners in any country in the world and we will pay 5% commission on the total revenues generated by your partners. By acquiring and building your own affiliate network you will get access to more companies from your region. And you may use the upfront payment of 1000 Euro to motivate your partners to bring you qualified sales opportunities.

4. Sell your add-on services and increase your revenues in hyper speed

Offering your consulting services added to SALESmanago software should be the key revenue you generate while being our Partner. These could be content creation, design, automation processes configuration and growth hacking. The revenues from consulting services per customer highly exceed the revenues from commission from sales of the software. We will provide you full training and support to make your consulting service fully effective.