SALESmanago Marketing Automation

How it works

Why SALESmanago

B2B and B2C marketing and sales departments today are faced with many serious challenges:
  • How to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts and increase sales?
  • How to exploit and harness the real potential of the Online Marketing?
  • How to lower the costs of marketing and customer acquisition costs?
  • How to show to owners ROMI – Return on Marketing Investment?

SALESmanago – Marketing Automation- was created in response to these challenges. Please find below complex information how SALESmanago addresses them.

Monitor your leads and customer activity on your website

Website Monitoring in SALESmanago is something completely different than what you get in Google Analytics. Website monitoring in SALESmanago provides very specific business knowledge, which significantly increases the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities. SALESmanago provides you with the following information:
  • Information which potential and existing customers visited the website
  • Summary of data on visitor interest and customer profiling
  • Analysis of the customer visit (time spent and actions)

How does it work?

Recognition of companies visiting your website: The vast majority of visitors to your website is anonymous. SALESmanago recognizes the IP of the visit and gives you the name of a company behind this visit. This makes all those visits to your site become a bit less anonymous and gives your sales department idea about the potential customers.

Identifying potential and existing customers visiting your website: Each contact who clicks on the link in your e-mail sent from your mailbox, in newsletter or email offer starts to be automatically monitored by SALESmanago. Then connects each contact with responses to marketing campaigns and other sales activities allowing you to assess both the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns as well as to evaluate the sales potential behind this contact. With SALESmanago your sales and marketing will run much more efficiently.

Customer Segmentation

The system continuously collects full information about the interest of your potential and existing customers based on their activity on your website and depending on the reaction to your marketing efforts. You can use this knowledge to automatically group your contacts. Segmentation can be done depending on:

  • Interests in our offer on your website
  • Activities performed by the customer (purchases, forms filled)
  • Time spent on particular sections on your website
  • Reactions to your marketing campaigns
Tagging contacts and segment –  SALESmanago uses innovative customer segmentation and clustering based on the dynamic tags. Customers can be tagged manually or automatically using defined rules based on customer behavior. Thanks to that , sales and marketing department gets instant access to contact groups and may set up automatic marketing programs directed to contacts with specific tags.

Automatic building of contact lists

Using SALESmanago you do not have to worry about organizing your contact lists manually or via the  integration with your CRM system. We made sure that contact list building takes place automatically while you execute your daily tasks.
  • Contacts import from xls and csv – you may import entire databases of contacts and start monitoring their activity on your website and assign them to automated marketing programs.
  • Integration with your mailbox – SALESmanago is equipped with an exclusive feature, which allows you to integrate your mailbox. This results in each contact to whom you send e-mail being automatically added to your list of contacts in SALESmanago. At the same time system begins monitoring of their activities and responses to your mails and offers. 
  • Integration with your own system (ecommerce or online app) – thanks to the API you can completely automate your customer lists building in SALESmanago. Integration via API is worth your attention as in result you start monitoring each customer added via API without even sending them emails. The system then executes segmentation of your customers and you can add them to automated programs. 
  • Integration with your CRM system – we do make such integrations upon customer’s request. The benefit of such integration is that the sales information gathered in SALESmanago is passed on back to your CRM system.

Customers Scoring and „Sales Intelligence”

By monitoring your customers the system collects an extremely valuable information that can be used by your sales department.
  • Sales Alerts – sales department is kept informed about the visits of the selected customers to your website or when a potential customer makes action that triggers the sales alert (such trigger may be for example the visit to price list whitepaper download or abandoning of the basket in your eShop)
  • Scoring customers – basing on customer behavior analysis system builds a list of contacts who are the most likely to be converted into sales and shows this information to the users of the system.

Automated marketing programs

The key to sell effectively is to provide sales departments with leads equipped with appropriate knowledge. This can be achieved by means of running automated marketing programs that are directed to contacts in individual segments.
  • Lead Nurturing / Drip programs – Education of the potential customer – the length of sales cycles vary depending on the industry and type of product or service. One thing stays the same: effective sales require equipping lead with the necessary knowledge. In SALESmanago each contact or potential customer can be attached to predefined Lead Nurturing program which sends to the contact marketing materials and sales offer in predefined intervals. Realization of the next element of the cycle can also depend on performing an action by the customer. Lead Nurturing Programs are one of the most popular uses of a Marketing Automation systems.

    Example of automation: If the client filled out the form X or spent on Section B of our website more than 3 min > add to contact us at Segment Y and run the automation rule Z.
  • Automated Dialogues – SALESmanago allows you to set automatic programs depending on the behavior of the customer.
Programming automation rules – definition or call it programming of automated marketing programs is simple and intuitive. Simply select the type of event (such as clicking on a URL, downloading the Price List) and select the action that will be automatically executed by SALESmanago (sending another email, offer or send an alert to the sales department) when the event takes place.

Save thousands of hours needed to perform marketing programs manually – thanks to the marketing automation you can change the life of your marketing departments and let them focus on the strategic thinking rather than making them do the monkey work.

Behavioral Targeting

In SALESmanago you can create an unlimited number of dedicated sales and marketing offers and then automatically target with this offers the customers assigned to specific segments. (For example, if a customer has purchased run-bike system will automatically send to this customer the offer with adds on to such bike such as bell or shields). You can define unlimited number of offers to various segments of your customers to make your marketing really effective.
  • Cross Selling and Upselling – In SALESmanago you can easily perform automatic cross selling actions across different segments of your customers or make programs that activate the customers that have already made purchases or used your services.

Customer Acquisition Lead Generation

SALESmanago is equipped with innovative eMarketing modules which are part of existing conventional systems to marketing online.
  • Email Marketing – SALESmanago can be used in a classic email marketing campaign to distribute messages to an unlimited number of contacts. You can use a simple email message editor and all the features available in most of the email marketing systems
  • Contact forms – if you want to increase the amount Generated Leads use the contact forms generator in SALESmanago. Each contact who will fill the form on your website will be added into your contact list and the system will automatically run defined by you Lead Nurturing program.
Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation – what email marketing does is practice is distribution of email message to a contact list and then report who opened and who clicked on the links. In Marketing Automation sending email is just a beginning of the process of converting the potential customer into a real paying customers.

Get more leads without the customers filling in the contact forms – with SALESmanago the potential customer is not only a customer who filled in the form on your website or made a purchase some time ago. Thanks to the information gathered and analyzed by SALESmanago it may turn out that your potential customer may be any contact in your database. This new undiscovered so far lead are being revealed to you in SALESmanago system.

Measure the effects of marketing campaigns

With SALESmanago you finally find out which marketing activities are efficient  and which produce the biggest number of conversions. The system continually monitors the most effective keywords in SEO and Adwords, and marketing channels that really engage your customers. Find out which marketing activities you should invest in. Facebook? SEO? Adwords? Does your company have such knowledge? With SALESmanago you can easily acquire this.

What kind of knowledge you get in SALESmanago, that you won’t get in Google Analytics?
  • We link the customer with a series of actions in response to your marketing campaigns. For example when a customer filled in the form, you will know that first they clicked Adwords ad, then performed search in Google, in the meantime got to your website via your Facebook profile and at the end filled in the form
  • If a customer purchased a product in your e-shop we may track that first s/he clicked on Adwords ad and then entered back on your shop via organic search. Google Analytics will attribute this sale with organic, but the truth is that this sale was thanks to Adwords. You will know this all thanks to SALESmanago.
Which Automated Programs are most effective – the system automatically analyzes which automated marketing programs that you create in SALESmanago are most effective. This is probably the most valuable knowledge that we gain in SALESmanago because thanks to that you may effectively increase sales. The automated rules may be created by any person with account in SALESmanago so by SALESmanago you may crowd-source your company and get to the effective programs that are created also outside marketing department.

Content Syndication – sharing materials

Each piece of content generated in the system: automatic marketing rules, email templates, newsletters, offers etc. can be shared with other users of your account. This allows your sales and marketing department to communicate coherently and effectively use the best marketing programs built in the system.

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