SALESmanago Marketing Automation

Dynamic product recommendations


Product retargeting is one of the most effective techniques of adjusting marketing content to potential customer needs – this is why it`s in such demand by owners of e-shops. SALESmanago offers an easy to use, intuitive mechanism which enables the creation of personalized 1-to-1 product recommendations in different communication channels. It provides recommendations of products abandoned in shopping carts, last visited on a website and other similar recommendations. By using simple wizards anyone can create beautiful dynamic message templates or dynamic recommendation frames which can be placed on a website to catch a customer`s attention and provide him with offers he may find interesting. Thanks to the intuitive wizards available in the system, you don`t need technical support to create the most efficient forms of content adjustment for your customers.

Abandoned cart wizard

Whatever the reason for dismissing the transaction, it is important to remind potential customers what products they wanted to buy and give them the opportunity to quickly return to the purchasing process.With SALESmanago you can easily prepare a template containing products left by the customer in a shopping cart, and configure the process of sending a message automatically e.g. one hour after the transaction was dismissed. The mechanism used in the wizard adjusts the message template to the number of products left in the cart by the customer. You can specify how many products should be included in the message. The easy-to-use drag & drop wizard allows you to design message creations which can be supplemented with any marketing message e.g. additional discount codes or promotional information.

Abandoned cart wizard

Dynamic email wizard

The vast majority of visitors of your e-shop do not buy anything right away – they only look at the offer, compare prices and leave the site, often to see the competition. You can easily send them an automatic email containing the products they viewed and give them the opportunity to quickly return to your store and the products they are interested in. Use the simple dynamic email wizard to prepare the template and specify the time from the non-purchase visit at which the message should be sent. The system automatically selects products based on the customer’s visit history, always presenting products that interest him most. Surprise your customers by sending them emails with a perfectly matched offer at the most appropriate time.

Dynamic email wizard

Dynamic recommendation frames on the website

With dynamic recommendation frames on your website, you can tailor in real time the offers displayed to your customers during their visit. The system analyzes which products are displayed by each user and tells them how they can easily return to previously viewed or similar products. The mechanism works for all users, it is also anonymous. The user-friendly drag & drop wizard makes it easy to create recommendation frames and gives you the opportunity to choose how your products should be selected. Increase your sales by personalizing the page content individually for each contact.

Dynamic recommendation frames

Benefits for the user

  • Increase sales by providing relevant offers at the most suitable time
  • Full personalization of communication with the client
  • Rescue interrupted transactions
  • Simple configuration without IT support
  • High communication efficiency – average message open rate of 43% and clicks of 22%
  • Up to 550% better conversion rates for dynamic offers than global conversion rates for all e-commerce conversion sources