Deep Behavioural Profiling


Deep Behavioural Profiling is a solution, that uses a modern, designed from scratch monitoring engine, which focus on user interactions with the website, rather than only on monitoring visited pages (page views). The use of semantic webhooks allows you to create more extensive and rich behavioral profiles of the user, and thus, to respond more precisely to the behavior of users and build better machine learning solutions.

Available features

  • Fine grain reporting of customer actions in e-shop in real-time
  • Building much more meaningful and rich behavioural profiles
  • Translation of customer behavior on your e-shop to specific purchase preferences
  • More precise recommendations based on machine learning

Semantic Webhooks are changing the way of measuring customer shopping preferences

Deep Behavioural Profiling allow you to track not only page views or product views, but also to record information about all contact points with the site. On this basis, it can identify common features, unique to each customer, which allows you to tailor the offer to their preferences.

Use of Semantic Webhooks enables you to track various customer activities, e.g:

  • Displaying a specific element on a website
  • Hovering over any element
  • Clicking on an interactive element, e.g. enlarged graphics, buttons, sliders
  • Change of product variant, color or size
  • Adding a product to the list (e.g. Favorites list)
  • Start and end of basket checkout
  • Complaint, product return
  • Interaction with any configurators and calculators (e.g. credit)
  • Degree of website scrolling
  • Integration with YouTube and Vimeo players embedded on the website to identify the minute / second to stop, restart and stop watching the movie
Deep Behavioural Profiling

Effects of use

  • Creating a unique analytics that fully exploits the specificity of the store and product characteristics
  • IIdentifying the attributes of the products most interesting to the customer in order to perfectly personalize offers and communication
  • Deeper understanding of users’ needs and responding to them