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Ticket booking


Similar to Travel agencies, booking tickets is much more common online rather than by phone and it is growing fast each year. Unique knowledge about client intrests provided by SALESmanago Marketing Automation system helps not only book tickets but also offer additional services like car rental or suggest a romantic dinner at the restaurant. SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform is successfully used by large companies like Eurolot, international booking centres like Bluesky Travel or Fru.pl, and mobile booking apps like SkyCash.

Examples of use

Email campaigns:

  • Newsletter campaigns targeting customer segments depending on categories in which they were interested on the website
  • Email campaigns with last minute deals
  • Email campaigns tailored to individual trends – suggesting tickets for events related to the content visited by the lead or in which the lead was interested on the website
  • Classic newsletters tracking user behaviour after accessing the website

Dynamic email messages:

  • Dynamic email after the customer’s visit to the website, containing tickets they looked at or typed in the search engine
  • Dynamic email reactivating customers a few weeks after their last visit to the website
  • Dynamic email adapted to the customer’s entire visit history
  • Dynamic email customised according to transactional data – proposing tickets linked to the ones the customer purchased previously
  • Dynamic email rescuing an abandoned shopping cart
  • Dynamic email proposing additional partner services together with ordered tickets

Dynamic website content:

  • Recommendation system using behavioural data about the contact’s interests during their last visit to the website
  • Dynamic suggestions about additional services proposed together with purchased tickets
  • Dynamic, one-off promotions for tickets the customer has been interested in during their last visits to the website
  • Real-time recommendation system
  • Dynamic banner ads displayed according to the contact’s activity

RTB smart remarketing:

  • Banners presenting the benefits of subscribing to a newsletter, displayed for customers who have not agreed during the registration to receive marketing messages
  • RTB ads reselling related services to customers who have just booked a ticket
  • Reminders encouraging to buy tickets with limited availability which are almost sold-out
  • Advertisement rescuing an abandoned shopping cart in case the email notification has not been opened by the customer
  • Win-back: special promotion for customers who have not visited the website for a few months after having booked a ticket

Text message marketing:

  • Personalised text message campaigns using data from the CRM system
  • SMS reminders about an abandoned order or shopping cart
  • Automatic text message with a discount coupon sent after the customer have been using the ticket search engine

Lead Generation:

  • Progressive pop-ups displayed only for anonymous customers
  • Real-time alerts transferring information about the lead’s visit to the website to the sales department
  • Dynamic pop-ups for identified leads
  • Sidebars with newsletter subscription
  • Facebook contest apps, Facebook event tracking, custom audiences – Facebook ads targeting
  • Birthday emails
  • A welcome message after the customer’s subscription to a newsletter

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