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23 Unique Possibilities Offered By SALESmanago Marketing Automation

  1. The ability to Identify visitors and monitor their behavior on the website and subsequently creating automatic definitions about the visitor’s interests.
  2. Monitoring the visitor’s activity on subpages and what elements are of interest. Analyzing scrolling and mouse activity, gives you the ability to find out what products and/or elements are most interesting to the visitor without clicking on any further subpages.
  3. Firms working on the B2B market have a great opportunity to identify companies that visit the website and what they are interested in. This gives the sales team additional insight on what to base an offer on for the particular company.
  4. Automatic weekly newsletters sent to clients with customized messages and/or sale offers. From now on you will not have to send these weekly newsletters manually.
  5. Identifying precisely the best day and time to send offers to contacts in the database, then sending these offers automatically. Thanks to SALESmanago you will no longer have to decide the best time to send offers as the system will do this for you automatically for each contact.
  6. Automatic emails sent to contacts with individual personalized messages at the exact time specified after a contact visits the website. These messages will be based on the contacts interests on the website.
  7. Dynamic content on the website can be automatically customized for a each specific visitor. Banner ads will be specifically tailored depending on whether the visitor is a potential client or already an actual client.
  8. Contact forms will appear on the website only after SALESmanago discovers the behavior/interest of the contact on the website. This way the contact form can be specifically tailored for the contact with content that is relevant. If the contact visiting the website can be identified, further personalized items can appear on the contact form such as the first and last name of the visitor.
  9. Generate leads from contacts who don’t fill out the contact form. The system will analyze the behavior of the contact on the website and indicate to the SALES team which person should be contacted and at what time.
  10. Potential client scoring will assist the sales team to contact the most promising contacts first.
  11. Automatic client segmentation into groups based on website behavior and collected transactional data.
  12. Automatically established sales funnel and marketing campaigns in which the contacts move between the stages of acquisition of contact to actual purchase.
  13. Overall dynamically generated landing pages for a particular person containing individually tailored content based on demographic data, contact, behavioral and transactional data.
  14. Progressive Profiling – dynamic contact forms to collect only those data which we do not yet have about the client and data we would like to yet acquire.
  15. Displaying the individual ad network ads to a specific person based on transactional data. This is possible thanks to the integration of SALESmanago and RTB remarketing. Predictive ads are based on previous transactions by the specific customer.
  16. Automatic e-mails sent to the client and an alert to the sales department when a customer stopped in the procurement process or left at a decisive moment.
  17. Comprehensive knowledge of the client for people working in the call center without having to leave the environment in which they work.
  18. Automatic separation of leads – Lead routing with a selected key, for example; distribution to local sales offices, product type, source of client origin, etc.
  19. Cyclic emails sent with promotional offers on products viewed by the user when they go on sale. This makes the possibility of a sale more likely.
  20. Contacting contacts after a specified time after they have not come back to visit the webpage. This is an opportunity to attract people to your website who have not visited for a while.
  21. Automatic notifications for the sales department and/or call center about when they should contact the client who is in the Sales process.
  22. Monitoring of individual e-mails sent to customers by the sales team. This allows each salesperson to know when a potential client opened and/or clicked on an e-mail with an offer as well as when a potential customer clicked on a link in the e-mail. In addition, the system will tell a salesperson when a potential customer comes back to the site and what products or services they were interested in .