SALESmanago response to Global Covid-19 related economic issues

Financial and Operational Approach

Financial Stability of the Company

SALESmanago has always focused on 100% financial stability reflected in healthy conservative financial management and low risk approach to investments. The company has always grown by bootstrapping with very little no external financing which at 40% ARR growth makes us a unique organization on the Global SaaS scene which becomes especially important during these turbulent times. No external debt and solid financial reserves on our bank accounts make us ready to focus on helping our customers reasonably in Covid-19 impacted time.

Remote Processes

All of our 200 employees have been on remote mode since early March. But customer onboarding, customer education, sales processes have always been online since the very beginning of our functioning on the market. All the operational processes like recruitment, employee onboarding are executed online and we feel naturally very comfortable about it.

Supporting our Customer and Potential Customers Community

Take your business to Digital Era and new Customer Experience

Covid-19 impact is not only causing short term problems of millions of companies. It will also significantly affect the people behave and consume their free time and spend money. It will dramatically accelerate the development of Customer Experience strategies. We are helping companies to address those challenges. If you want to safely and creatively use these times to the benefit of your company think of going into a professional Proof of Concept for using SALESmanago. A period during which our Customer Success team is working for free to deliver your desired Business KPI (email conversion, deliverability, website conversion, sales increase) and if you like it then the PoC becomes regular agreement (and we make sure you pay 30% lower monthly fee if you switch from other solutions).

Free Tools for Everyone

For smaller companies we offer unlimited and free key basic marketing tools like LiveChat, Web Push, Lead Generation and CRM. Go to the Pricing page, register and just use it. If you want to optimize your email marketing we are confident that the pricing we offer will do the job.

Online Training for Full Digital Transformation

We have increased the number of Online trainings to make sure that 10 000 of our current customers are using the full potential of the platform. These include both training on the current as well as new features.

Helping people in need in getting new professional skills

A lot of people have lost their jobs or the jobs are at risk. We have enabled unlimited access to our elearning platform where everybody may certify as a Marketing Automation Specialist and gain new skills to reduce the risk of unemployment and enter into the Digital Marketing Space.
In case there is anything we can help you in this difficult time please write directly to our CEO & Founder Greg Blazewicz at

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