SALESmanago Marketing Automation

SALESmanago Marketing Automation

#1 AI Marketing Automation Let technology keep your business grow
  • Generate 200% more leads with our pop-ups
  • Increase OR of your emails by 1200%
  • Convert 150% more anonymous visitors to your website
  • Increase lead to customer conversion by 50%

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Trusted by 10 000 customers worldwide

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Behavioural Profiling
Track contact behavioural and transactional activities to better understand them and respond immediately.
Omnichannel Communication
Your messages anywhere your customers are. Consistent and well delivered.
Everyone is different but everyone can get what he wants. Take your campaigns to the individual level.
Product Recommendations
Surprise your customers with perfectly tailored products adjusted to their needs using 1-to-1 recommendations.
AI & Machine Learning
Predict and suggest products with highest purchase probability thanks to ongoing analysis of traffic and transactions in your store.
Customer Value Management
Increase Customer Lifetime Value with automated actions designed for different stages of the customer lifecycle. Use right tools to boost your sales and build customer loyalty.
Real-time data processing
Collect data, personalize content, activate processes and react immediately to user`s actions.
Connect your website, CRM and other systems to fluently exchange and use data about your customers.
Analytics & Optimization
Learn most valuable insights from your campaigns and optimize them with A/B testing.

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